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Current BRS President
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Screen Name - @BiGGiePauls33

Current BRS Position - President

Real Name - Paul

Why I chose my screen name - Years ago a friend and roommate gave me this name and it has since stuck. Probably has something to do with my 6'5" big guy stature.

Current Tank Specs - 100 Gallon Cadlights Artisan II 48x24x20 Display Tank, 80 Gallon Deep Blue Frag/Xtra Water Volume. Both connected by a Trigger Systems 34 Gallon Sump, Reef Octopus Elite 200 skimmer, GHL Profilux P4 controller, GHL Doser, Geo CaRx, Carbon Doser, Kamoer Fx-stp Doser for CaRx, 48" 8 bulb ATI Sunpower and 48" Reef Brite XHO

Link to Build Thread -

Area of Strength in the hobby - Helping with the day to day operations of this club and website. Always try to remain teachable. Hopefully, growing epic SPS in the future.

Years in the hobby - Joined this club way back in 2004 under a different screen name as I was just starting off in saltwater. Had freshwater tanks as a kid years prior.

Favorite Hobby Outside of Reef keeping - Probably playing video games, I'm a sucker for grinding GTA V and Battlefield 2042 currently.

Current Tank Photo -
PXL_20220918_182502864.MP (1).jpg

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2019-2022 BRS BOD
BRS Member
Screen Name - @Cpage101

Current BRS Position - Board of Director

Real Name - Corey

Why I chose my screen name - (cpage101) I have had this screen name since the early days of AOL. I use this for all my accounts so I only have to remember 1 screen name.

Current Tank Specs - 120 Gallon All-Glass aquarium 48” x 24” x 24” I run 48” photon v2+ led with aquatic life T5 hybrid with (3) ATI blue + and (1) ATI coral+. (2) gyre 330’s and (1) ecotec MP40. adding (2) more MP40’s soon. The heart of the system is monitored by many neptune apex items. I run Trigger sapphire 34 sump with Deltec xi1000 skimmer.

Link to Build Thread -

Area of Strength in the hobby - Not sure if I have a real strength but I am very detailed and a little ocd to get to the bottom of issues. I do a lot of research and will not give recommendations if I have never done it, encountered it myself or owned the specific piece of equipment.

Years in the hobby - 9 years- I Joined this club in 2013. I never had an aquarium before. I jumped in feet fist with a solid 2 weeks or research (not google!) my first build was a 55g saltwater system. I then did a build of a 40G breeder before doing a tank transfer of them both to my current 120G system in 2017 I did have my share of ups and down as all reefers do, but in my short 9 years I have learned what I feel like a lifetime of information.

Favorite Hobby Outside of Reefkeeping -I enjoy other hobbies such as Mtn. biking, hiking, and building things I wish were already made.

Current Tank Photo - 1/9/22 got a little cyano as I need to add some supplemental flow :) :p getting a little crowded in there.



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Screen Name - @scavdog

Current BRS Position - Vice President of Public Relations

Real Name - Joe


Why I chose my screen name - (Scavdog) This name stretches wayyy back to the early days of Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Over the years it just stuck.

Current Tank Specs - 60 Gallon Custom Starfire Cube (24"x24"x24") tied into a 250 gallon sump and a 60 gallon frag tank.

Link to Build Thread -

Area of Strength in the hobby -
I've been doing this for years. I have strength in maintaining the attitude that I will always have something to learn.

Years in the hobby - 20. I started in freshwater in the late 90's after college. I jumped into reefkeeping in 2001. Around the same time I connected with @MoeK (George Washington of the BRS) on . By 2001 we were meeting up in parking lots and restaurants to trade frags with an ever-growing group of people. By early 2002 I had the honor of co-founding the Boston Reefers Society with a handful of the coolest hobbyists (in my humble opinion) in the area. I served as VP of PR from 2002-2004 and President from 2005-2007. I also served on MASNA board for 3 consecutive years.

Favorite Hobby Outside of Reefkeeping - Family time, Cooking, Mountain Biking, Skiing/Riding, Kayaking and anything outdoors.

Current Tank Photo - 11/23/2020


IG: @ed3aquatics 2022 VP
BRS Member
Screen Name - Edward

Current BRS Position - Vice President

Real Name - Edward/Eddie/Ed

picture of me.jpg

Why I chose my screen name - It is my actual name, if my previous answers didn't give that away yet ;)

Current Tank Specs - Currently, I do not have a SW tank running but am cycling live rock and collecting equipment for an upgrade when I move later this year.

Link to Build Thread - No current SW build

Area of Strength in the hobby - Water Chemistry and Micro/macrobiology

Years in the hobby - I've had Aquariums since I was 5 years old (26 years) and have had reefs for the past 10 years

Favorite Hobby Outside of Reefkeeping - I keep a lot of freshwater planted tanks and do a lot of planted tank design plus I'm big into terrestrial landscape architecture/design as well. I grew up being raised by a landscape designer/horticulturist so I guess it runs in my blood. I also play a bunch of instruments such as guitar and piano. I'm also into day trading and cryptocurrencies, more so because of the math and programming rather than the "to the moon" ventures of meme coins :p.

Current Tank Photo -
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Mixed Reefer

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Screen Name - Mixed Reefer

Current BRS Position - BOD

Real Name - Doug

Why I chose my screen name - When I was researching and getting ready to dive into my first aquarium the mixed reef tank was my dream tank. When prompted to choose a screen name it was the first that came to mind.
Current Tank Specs -
Red Sea 425xl
two MP40 and Two MP10
Reef Octopus 200 Skimmer
Aquatic Life T5 fixture with 2each Blue Plus and 2 each actinic bulbs
Clear Water 100 Algae Scrubber
Neptune Apex Controller
4 each EcoTech Marine Radion XR15 G5 pro
Tunze Osmolator ATO
GFO and Carbon Reactor
Varios 6 DC pump
Link to Build Thread- n/a
Area of Strength in the hobby -I'm new to REEFING but I am full of passion. I love a challenge and will figure just about anything out. Area of strength would be that I love to help others and want to share my passion!
Years in the hobby - One year two months :rolleyes:
Favorite Hobby Outside of Reefkeeping -
I'm addicted to Remote Control Helicopters, so if its a nice day I'm probably out flying. I also enjoy my dogs and hiking.

Current Tank Photo - 1/21/2021
Updated tank.jpg


Acan's are inedible candy
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Screen Name - @afboundguy

Current BRS Position - 2022 BOD Treasurer, Moderator and "assistant" site administrator

Real Name - Dave

Why I chose my screen name - no I am not an Abercrombie and Fitch fashionista I was actually supposed to join the Air Force after college but that never ended up happening so I was an Air Force bound guy. I just kept it as it stuck and I didn't want to change a bunch of screen names :cool:

Current Tank Specs - 25'ish cube with 3'ish HOB fuge with a coralbox moon LED light

Link to Build Thread -

Area of Strength in the hobby - I just know everything about everything! NOT!!! I'm always learning and just know a lot about about a lot and if I don't know I ask someone who knows more than me and I'm afraid to admit I don't know!

Years in the hobby - Not sure but it's been probably 20+ years. Started when I was in Junior HS waaaaayyyy back in the day so crap it's probably been 25+ years now man do I feel old...

Favorite Hobby Outside of Reefkeeping - Hanging out with my dogs and afboundguy's better 1/2 and I'm just starting to pick back up model railroading that I used to do when I was a kid with my dad... (TRAIN BUILD THREAD here)



2019-2022 BRS BOD
BRS Member
Copied and pasted for @highfive52:

Screen Name - @highfive52

Current BRS Position - Secretary

Real Name - Annie


Why I chose my screen name - Born in the 60's.

Current Tank Specs - 13.5g Fluval QT tank.


180g Rimless Planet


Link to Build Thread -

Area of Strength in the hobby - Not knowing when to call it quits!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Years in the hobby - Started in 1984 Boston Aquarium Diver, also cleaned tanks at Rainforrest Cafe in Burlington, Mass. Started with freshwater and moved to salt very quickly by 1986 while in college. Myself and my 2 boys are avid into the hobby both fresh and salt.

Favorite Hobby Outside of Reef keeping - When I am stuck inside......Big time gaming on the old nintendo 64. Anytime else skiing, diving, travelling, snowmobiling.

Current Tank Photo - Best time of Day .... Coffee with the Welsos 7 a.m.

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____Reef Junkie____ BRS BoD
Screen Name - @Arsalan

Current BRS Position - BoD

Real Name - Arsalan


Why I chose my screen name - I tried to get super creative and then I completely failed.

Current Tank Specs - Red Sea Reefer Deluxe XL 525, OEM Red Sea Sump, Royal Exlusiv Bubble King 250 Skimmer, Vectra M1 Pump, 2 Vortech MP40, 2 MP10, 3 Radion XR30 G4, 36w UV Sterilizer, Neptune Apex Controller, Doser, Trident, ATO, GEO Calcium Reactor, GFO, Bio Pellets and Carbon reactors.

Link to Build Thread - Loading...

Area of Strength in the hobby - Continuous learning, builds and DIYs, automations, frying Apex components, ignoring Apex alerts, plumbing, collecting reef supplies, "setting up another tank".

Years in the hobby - I got my first fresh water tank when I was like 6, and graduated to reef tanks in 2014. I've setup up multiple tanks since then including a 210g that was plumbed through the house with a basement sump, lots of lessons learned and still counting.

Favorite Hobby Outside of Reef keeping - I have too many to pick from, so I'll mention the top 3; I love mountain biking and try to get on a bike daily. I live close to Middlesex Fells so I ride often. The next 2 hobbies go hand in hand, I love traveling and Scuba diving. Most of my trips are planned solely around diving, and some time gets topside.



Current Tank Photo - (Or Video! - Live webcam)

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