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Hello Everyone,

We would like to welcome you to New England Marine Ornamentals, LLC's or N.E.M.O.'s forum here on the Boston Reefers Society. We will be updating constantly as we progress.
Our mission is to provide the local hobby with the healthiest and most beautiful Fish, Coral, and Inverts while offering the best prices possible. Quality is our number one priority across the board, from source to your experience, we are constantly trying to ensure the best practices and disciplines in the industry are put in place and followed.
We are more or less a Fish and Coral aquaculture farm, so roughly 70% or more of our inventory will be tank raised and aquacultured. Most of it by us and a good portion of it right on site. Currently we are setting up a retail outlet on Main St. in Tewksbury MA (tons more info to come on this)
Tenetive schedule is for a grand opening Saturday September 5th.
Looking forward to sharing so many unique ;)aspects of this shop with you all!

Any questions or concerns can be PM'd here or emailed to
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