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Hey All,

Have a lot of zoanthids, clove polyps, montipora caps and green pocillopora that I need to clear out. Some pictures below but I have color morphs. Pretty open minded about trades and interested in anything I don't already have except high-end SPS. New build will be a lower light lagoon. Prefer softies and LPS.

Also willing to trade several frags for one nice piece depending on what it is. For example, 4 clove polyp frags to start a garden.

For folks that are interested but don't have stock to trade, I will sell 6 frags for $40. Pick up is Hingham MA. Please DM me with interest and offers. Thanks!


  • Blue Zoas.png
    Blue Zoas.png
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  • Frilly Mushroom.png
    Frilly Mushroom.png
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  • Hollywood Stunner.png
    Hollywood Stunner.png
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  • Liam's Cloves.png
    Liam's Cloves.png
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  • Mayan Sun Zoas.png
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  • Neon Green Clove Polyps.png
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  • Picture1Neon Yellow Clove Polyps.png
    Picture1Neon Yellow Clove Polyps.png
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  • Pink_Orange Zoas.png
    Pink_Orange Zoas.png
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  • Sand Dollar Montipora.png
    Sand Dollar Montipora.png
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Sigh too far of a trip. I’d be interested in the neon green cloves if you were closer! Good looking stuff!
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