Event May Meeting Announcement! Kelly's Roast Beef "Redux" 2022!

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20 years ago, the newly formed Boston Reefers Society had a Frag Swap at Kelly's Roast Beef in Saugus. Friends hung out, frags were traded and we had an awesome time... and then the management asked us to leave. Yup. A bunch of reefers with "Styrofoam" containers was a bit disconcerting following the 9/11 tragedy. So we hung out in the parking lot instead :)

This time we called ahead and reserved space. So come one, come all! Lunch is on the BRS for paid members!

Aside from the frag swap / luncheon, we are announcing Tubb's Montipora Stelatta growout contest courtesy of @ReefBum. First come first serve.


In order to plan accordingly, please RSVP via the forum. Please also note any dietary restrictions that you may have in an effort to see if we can accommodate.

We will have BRS merchandise on-hand - hats, shirts, sweatshirts towels and even masks.

We hope to see you all there!

- Your BRS BOD
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Please comment if you plan on taking a frag of @ReefBum donated Tyree Montipora Stellata, trying to get a count before firing up the saw and want to give them some heal time before the meet up on the 22nd, thanks.


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I'll be there with my wife and one of our boys.

If I'm allowed I'll take a frag for the grow out
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Interested in a frag to grow out — if I can make it. May have to host a kids’ birthday party that day but not sure yet
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