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  1. JBendel

    Sea Swirls - great support

    Always like to give credit, where credit is due. My two 1" sea swirls gave up (within 2 weeks of each other) after > 10 years of service. I opened them up and the "linkage" had decayed to nothing. I emailed Aquarium Currents (maker of Sea Swirl) for some spare parts, and they responded...
  2. JBendel

    Post Mortem

    I wrote this on my pc for myself, but decided to post, if anyone wishes to wade through it, always interested in any opinions/insight. 180 gal Tank plus 20 gal fuge, 40 gal sump running about ~ 10 years. The Hurricane Irene power outage was a disaster, but over the last year I have been...
  3. JBendel

    Water testing at April Meeting?

    Hello, Will there be water testing at the April Meeting? Thank you, John
  4. JBendel

    Any luck getting rid of Halimeda?

    Halimeda looked good in the nano, but it's a pest in the 180. Has anyone found a critter that consumes this stuff? A couple of quotes from some web searches below, but nothing that seemed like a practical solution. I 'd consider setting up a fish only tank where LR with halimeda could be...
  5. JBendel

    Overflow Cap for a Glass Cages Tank

    Did the "Norm Abram Box Joint Jig" for an overflow cap. Was going to use a router with my dovetail jig, but I liked the narrow slots of sump/fuge posted a week or two ago. Not a lot of algae(yet) in my tank, so not too concerned with clogging
  6. JBendel

    Newbie Pic's

    Overall Tank: Using a D80 with the 18-135 Lens, and on the closeups ...using manual focus.
  7. JBendel

    Sea Swirl - Aquarium Currents - Marine Depot

    Just passing on a good word that I got great support from Marine Depot and Aquarium Current. I bought two sea swirls from Marine Depot earlier this year, and one stopped oscillating a week or so ago. I contacted Marine Depot, which put me in contact with Aquarium Currents ... I mailed the...
  8. JBendel

    Are these Cleaner Shrimp Eggs?

    ... if not ... some snail eggs? All help appreciated
  9. JBendel

    Ready to Apply the Weldon?

    Any last minute suggestions? I 've got Weldon 3, and was planning on applying it in "one shot" on the inside seams. Once dry and proven water tight ... Baffles will be inserted and glued. Once dry ... is it worth untaping and applying a second Weldon pass on the outside seams? It's...
  10. JBendel

    ID Please

    Does Anyone know what this is? It's been growing in the Montipora for quite a while ... and generally growing to Scale. I assume it's some type of worm ... the shell is hard ... there is always a long filament coming out of it, which I give the turkey baster treatment, although I 've yet...
  11. JBendel

    Beer to help Move a tank this Sunday (Sudbury/Framingham/Marlboro Area)

    I am picking up a 180 tank on Sunday in Sharon at 9:00 AM, and should be back by 10:30 AM at the latest. I figure at least 4 people are required to move it, and I can offer a six of Sierra Nevada for the effort. It should be a quick move ... going down an outside set of stairs into the...
  12. JBendel

    Refugium - Surge

    This may not be the most complicated DIY, but I have 20 gallon over the tank fuge and was having circulation issues because the cheato and such have grown so large. Added one Right angle and 2" of straight PVC to the inside through hole and turned it into a Carlson Siphon surge. It's surging...
  13. JBendel

    cleaning metal halide bulbs

    While working on my lights last night I splashed some salt water on the bulb. I can't remember if glass cleaner is O.K. or one has to do anything more elaborate. Anyone remember? Thank you, J.B.
  14. JBendel

    PH Meter Question ... do they work in freshwater?

    This may belong in the Lounge Anyone know if the Pinpoint American PH Monitor's work in fresh water? The wife was going to borrow mine for a science experiment with some 4th graders and when I dipped the probe in some distilled water ... it registered 9.0 .... swirl the probe around and...
  15. JBendel

    Test Post ... just a photo Newbie

    Just testing the Avatar and picture scaling. The only question I would have is: how do people focus digital cameras that don't have manual focus? I couldn't keep the camera from focusing on the glass in macro mode, so what I ended up doing was take the picture from a distance( ~18") at high...
  16. JBendel

    Tokyo/Seoul - LFS

    Anyone ever checked out Local Aquarium Stores in Tokyo or Seoul? I 'm heading out there next week, and am going to try and track one down. I found a shop that does the Amano style freshwater tanks in Shinjuku, but have yet to find a local shop that offers salt water fish ... let alone corals.
  17. JBendel

    Refugium Lighting

    Other than the electric bill ... are there any down sides to running the lighting in the refug. 24/7? ... vs. out of phase with the main tank. The Refugium has mostly Caulerpa prolifera, snails,...supposedly there are some pods .... and a 5" sand bed. 20 gal. refug. ... two 24 WAtt...
  18. JBendel

    Bi-directional Inline Pump

    I am thinking of getting a DC Pump... hooking it to a bridge to change water flow direction for inline water circulation. My inputs for inline always clogs up, but cycling direction should keep them clear, and should give more water movement (I think). Has anyone done something similar, or...
  19. JBendel

    Live Rock Drs.Foster Smith -

    Has anyone purchased the Live Rock from this group? ... and how was the quality? Regards, J.B.