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Screen Name - @mnavick

Current BRS Position - Moderator

Real Name - Mike


Why I chose my screen name - Somewhat self-explanatory, combination of first/last name :)

Current Tank Specs - 150g in-wall mixed reef, 2-SB Reef 32"PRO LED's. 90g sump w/RO 3000 INT Skimmer. 55g fuge.

Link to Build Thread - From 9/2010, YIKES!! lol

Area of Strength in the hobby - Guess just years of experience

Years in the hobby - Joined in 2003(??) from a recommendation of a Petco employee, but started with just a 55g in 2000.

Favorite Hobby Outside of Reefkeeping - Dad of two young boys, so that takes up most of my free time. Outside of that, running.

Current Tank Photo -



Yes, I am a giraffe.
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Screen Name - CAPSLOCK

Current BRS Position - Moderator

Real Name - Becky


Why I chose my screen name - it's what happens when you're asked for a screen name and find inspiration in the keyboard...

Current Tank Specs - 75g algae-stricken mixed reef, 20g sump.

Area of Strength in the hobby - I am definitely more fish oriented.

Years in the hobby - ~15 in SW. ~10yrs ago i transitioned from FOWLR -> reef.

Favorite Hobby Outside of Reefkeeping - Universal Studios! Closer to home, escape rooms.


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Screen Name: s_kelley
Current BRS Position: Moderator
Real Name: Shane Kelley
Why I chose my screen name:'s my name!
Current tank specs: Tankless after my 80G shallow reef exploded a few years back, I still lurk on here though.
Area of strength in hobby: Always willing to learning something new.
Years in the hobby: Too many, since I was a child and my father had salt water tanks.
Favorite hobby outside of reefkeeping: Mostly stuck at work now a days, but, cars, firearms, fishing, outdoor stuff.


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Screen Name - @afboundguy

Current BRS Position - Moderator and "assistant" site administrator

Real Name - Dave

Why I chose my screen name - no I am not an Abercrombie and Fitch fashionista I was actually supposed to join the Air Force after college but that never ended up happening so I was an Air Force bound guy. I just kept it as it stuck and I didn't want to change a bunch of screen names :cool:

Current Tank Specs - 25'ish cube with 3'ish HOB fuge with a coralbox moon LED light

Link to Build Thread -

Area of Strength in the hobby - I just know everything about everything! NOT!!! I'm always learning and just know a lot about about a lot and if I don't know I ask someone who knows more than me and I'm afraid to admit I don't know!

Years in the hobby - Not sure but it's been probably 20+ years. Started when I was in Junior HS waaaaayyyy back in the day so crap it's probably been 25+ years now man do I feel old...

Favorite Hobby Outside of Reefkeeping - Hanging out with my dogs and afboundguy's better 1/2 and I'm just starting to pick back up model railroading that I used to do when I was a kid with my dad...



Current Tank Photo -
Frag Farmer's Market

Saturday March 5, 2022
Storrs, CT