BRS Mission Statement - Did you know?

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A friendly reminder of why the club came to be - almost 20 years ago now :p .

In 2002 we formally incorporated as a 501c3 non-profit.

The purposes of the Boston Reefers Society are:

1. To promote interest in and enjoyment of all aspects of the marine aquarium hobby.

2. To educate the public on topics related to the biology, physiology, and chemistry of reef biotopes through the sponsorship of meetings, lectures, publications, websites, competitions, exhibits and other means.

3. To provide a forum for sharing resources and information among local aquarium enthusiasts.

4. To support research, education and conservation efforts aimed at improving marine and coral reef environments

5. To involve and educate young people about aquatic life and the aquarium hobby.

6. To foster camaraderie, friendship, and appreciation of aquatic life.


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