Fish & Coral Shops in the Boston Area

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Thanks to @GobyWanKenobie here's a link to a nice map of the Fish and Coral Shops in the greater Boston Area:

Fish and Coral Shops

And here's a link to the old thread about the map:

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Couple updates:

Crystal Clear Aquatics in Auburn is gone.
Fishy Frags in Charlton is also gone, although they plan on re-opening in Auburn next month.

For that matter Uncle Ned's is my absolute favorite for freshwater/cichlids, but they got out of SW about 5 years ago.

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They have nice coral? I’ve known the owner Matt for years, haven’t been in that store forever
Not a huge amount but what they have is nice. And the price on fish is great. He had regular Osc tank raised clowns for $10 last time I was in there


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Sheesh. Not a lot of LFS these days. That's sad. Must be way too tough to make a living in these days of online ordering.

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