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  1. pugz508

    Today's Poll: Lighting

    Started with name brand leds then black box style now I have a ati t5 setup.I like the idea of not having to worry about what percentage intensity of what color spectrums to worry about ECT. Will be adding a blue xho reefbrite so I can have the color pop of led with the convenience of t5 lighting
  2. pugz508

    Need help !!! Desperate

    For future advice silicon will never beat out water in leaking bulk heads always better off replacing the bulkhead. Id start with a razor knife scraper 99cent in the paint section of lowes and remove all the silicon. Then put a wrench on the nut and remove it the normal way
  3. pugz508

    Dream purchase

    Your dream wins lol
  4. pugz508

    Dream purchase

    99-01 viper gts haha
  5. pugz508

    Looking for a carpenter

    Located in bridgewater
  6. pugz508

    Looking for a carpenter

    Looking for a finish carpenter to install some crown moldings and a new railing with posts. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  7. pugz508

    The rise of coral pricing and facebook auctions

    Hey everyone, just wanted to start a discussion to gather opinions on the cost of corals between reefers. For most of my time in the hobby I've been exclusive to Boston reefers and some LFS but recently started following different pages on facebook. Is it a recent thing that people are...
  8. pugz508

    Torch coral

    If Danny's paying 250 a head you know their expensive haha
  9. pugz508

    FS 60" powermodule ati 8x80 watt

  10. pugz508

    What temp for mixed reef?

    I shoot for 78-80 degrees. I'd be careful at 83 degrees that's pretty warm for a tank and doesn't give you much protection from the summer temp swings
  11. pugz508

    Looking for a hvac tech

    Looking for some hvac work. Anyone do residential central air repair? Install smart thermostats ect
  12. pugz508

    FS 60" powermodule ati 8x80 watt

    Bump 425
  13. pugz508

    FS 60" powermodule ati 8x80 watt

    Original power module without led which differs from the sun power. I'm unsure how old the unit is
  14. pugz508

    FS 60" powermodule ati 8x80 watt

    Bump.450 firm bulbs are not even 2 months old
  15. pugz508


    Wish someone would buy my ati 60" 8 bulb I'd be all over this.
  16. pugz508

    FS Roughly 18" diameter toadstool

    I know, it actually got a little bigger in my tank probably just had more room to stretch out. Its an awesome piece I just want to go another route
  17. pugz508

    FS Roughly 18" diameter toadstool

    Very large toadstool that came from bendint tank. In switching to sps and zoas only. 100$
  18. pugz508

    Sold Aussie torch

  19. pugz508

    New reef tank water question

    No problem, like others have said definitely wait for an rodi. Even if you use a de- chlorinator the phosphates will cause all sorts of algae problems. I probably have 40-50 lbs of recently dry rock for 1$/lb as well FYI
  20. pugz508

    New reef tank water question

    I have 40 or so gallons of mixed instant ocean right now in my ro station if you wanted to cover the cost of salt/water You can swing by and take what you need. I also like dr. Tims for a speed cycle product

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