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  1. 3eyed-muddweller

    FS Aquactinics TX5 48" + mag 12 pump + other equipment

    >used Aquactinics 5 bulb T5 fixture. The ballast that runs the 2 bulbs is not working so only 3 out of the 5 bulbs are working. The fan works. I tested with one of the known good bulbs. Not sure though if it's the ballast or switch at this point. > $65 >Mag 12 pump in great condition, bought...
  2. 3eyed-muddweller

    FS 29 Gallon AGA RR with 100lbs LR

    Selling 29 gallon drilled with maybe more than 100lbs LR. Acrylic sump with aquaC skimmer. Maxi jet 1200 return pump and 2 heaters. No light will come with it, sorry. It has been up and running for 1.5 years never had any fish in it. There is a sea urchin (no algae) and it is loaded with...
  3. 3eyed-muddweller

    FS 90 gallon reef ready with black wood stand.

    I just bought this from DZ6T but decided to go a different route. Tank has a few light scratches. I haven't filled yet and it's still has some coraline on the glass. Needs a quick cleaning. Plumbing that came with it is included. $165 Pick up Peabody.
  4. 3eyed-muddweller

    FS LEDs SCWD 1/2 Sea swirl and mag pumps

    These all worked at one point. If your handy these are worth it. Think i paid $250 just for the one on the left (which has one broken LED) Take them all, I promise you wont be disappointed! All these all LEDS together $210 OBO I don't really want to separate them. They are all 3watt Cree...
  5. 3eyed-muddweller

    FS oceanic 30 cube Reef READY with stand and glass cover

    First person with $100 bucks can have it. send me a pm with email and i will send pictures. I also have a 30 gallon oceanic cube tank for $30. These a both used but in good condition. I have pumps too! Mag 12 for $60 works great Mag 9.5 $50 works great mag 5 $20 stopped...
  6. 3eyed-muddweller

    FS 30 gallon Oceanic cube complete system

    No room in my new place.. :( 30 gallon Oceanic reef ready cube aquarium. Full system!! Comes with 20-30 pounds of live rock. This is a great beginner system. The tank is drilled with 3 holes but 2 are blocked with plugs that are removable, and can be used again (notice picture)...
  7. 3eyed-muddweller

    FS Oregon mummy eye chalice plus acan(s) for sale

    Hi Folks, it's been awhile but i am almost done with my move and sell off. Here's a couple of high end corals i have. first is an original Oregon mummy eye chalice. I forget who i bought my frag from a couple/few years ago. Now it's the size of a fist, and has about 40 eyes!! $250 obo I...
  8. 3eyed-muddweller

    FS 120 rr with dual overflows 48"x24"x24"

    Gauging interest in my 120. I am down sizing because i am moving soon. TANK WILL BE AVAILABLE IN A COUPLE OF WEEEKS. I WILL ALSO HAVE MANY CORALS AND ROCKS FOR SALE IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS. What's for sale 120 gallon tank with black stand and wood grain hood (needs to be painted)...
  9. 3eyed-muddweller

    FS zoas palys

    1- 3 full grown Captain America on rubble $30 2- blow pops 10 polyps mounted for $30 3- 3 POLYPS OF GORGEOUS RAINBOW PALYS $30 4- 5 polyps of BLUE HORNETS $30 5- NUC GREENS 5 polyps $30 6- Purple deaths 3 polyps...
  10. 3eyed-muddweller

    FS fish tanks

    90 gallon acrylic rr with matching black acrylic stand. $220 needs a cleaning and a light polish. Stand has a small crack at the bottom that you cant really see. comes with free colony of peachy palys 200 polyps attaches to one side of glass.. Tank is currently up and running with only live sand...
  11. 3eyed-muddweller

    FS Setosa sps frags

    Fragging mother colony again. Mother colony is $400 firm if you are interested. It's about 5"x4". 3 frags available 2 will be fresh cut starting at $40 for about 1+inches $80 for 2+ This one is $80 you can't tell from picture but it has 5 branches and is 2 inches. all...
  12. 3eyed-muddweller

    FS FISH! B/W clown pair spotted grouper. Black foot clown pair.

    spotted grouper 5 inches eating frozen mysis. He's a beauty. $30 This is not the panther grouper! mated pair of blackfoot clownfish. Female is 3 inches male is 2inches. (i wish i could keep them!) $100 for the pair. rare fish. Pair of black and white clowns. Perfect stripes and color...
  13. 3eyed-muddweller

    FS co2 with bubble counter and electronic regulator.

    For reference. ACTUAL ITEM for SALE $125 There's still plus 50 KG in the bottle. $125 please pm if interested.
  14. 3eyed-muddweller

    WTB WTB SCWD Wavemaker - Switching Current Water Director (Squid)

    Anyone have one to sell? 3/4" SCWD Wavemaker - Switching Current Water Director (Squid)
  15. 3eyed-muddweller

    FS equipment for sale

    First item is a AquaC Remora Pro HOB protein skimmer with drain plug. Clean and ready to go $60 no pump. Awesome skimmer, IMO. More to come. I can meet in Cambridge area with this.
  16. 3eyed-muddweller

    LED DIY fxture trade for a 48" rr tank at least 90 gallons.

    This fixture has all CREE LEDS on a dimmer It kicks @rss! IMO Tank has to come with stand and be in display condition please. "The colors are 12 cool whites 10 royal blue 3 Regular blue, and 1 red in the center..... U can control these as they are dimmable drivers so u can control how...
  17. 3eyed-muddweller

    FS corals for sale

    I have flat worms. My wrasse loves'em.. :) war coral nice size colony about 3 by 4" and healthy. easy to frag. $45 [/IMG] [/IMG] Super healthy SETOSA frags will have to be fresh cut. 2 SETOSA FRAGS first one on the left has 5 branches on a stock. Mini colony. about 1.5"...
  18. 3eyed-muddweller

    FS 12x12x12 nano tank and stand.

    I have this for sale. I bought it about a year ago from a member but never did anything with it. I paid $85 I believe but will take $65. Pick up Peabody or i can meet in Cambridge area. Needs a light cleaning. Sorry about picture size. TIA! [/IMG] [/IMG] quick fix on corner of stand...
  19. 3eyed-muddweller

    WTB WTB sps

    I am looking for some of these.. red planet pink lemon aid any and all kinds rose millie pink millie Oregon tort cali tort what else you got?
  20. 3eyed-muddweller

    FS FREE GSP on egg crate 4x4" piece

    pick up Peabody or i can meet in Cambridge. Would appreciate a piece of (real) dry rock. Tonga or Figi But not necessary if your a paid ($20) member

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