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    ID this please.

    I have never seen peppermints turn on coral, I have see some ignore the Aiptasia, but considering the alternatives, it is best to throw some into the tank, and if you have a problem, throw in food wait until they come out, then net them.
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    Petco delivers. I have a biocube mixed reef with about 23 gallons of water. I use one box a change. Only works for small tanks. I order 4 boxes at a time and the shipping was $5.99 last time. It is expensive, but it saves a great deal of grief for a small tank...
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    Breeding Clownfish

    Water changes or making beer, both to be done while the wife is away.
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    Maintaining 48 year old tank with Diatom Filter

    Equilibrium homeostasis whatever you want to call it. Getting the tank stable and not making changes beats chasing every little 0.001 change in chemistry in the long run.
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    no bucket water changes

    When I had a larger tank, I put T's and valves on my return pump. One setting was normal, one pumped water to a drain, third pumped water into the tank. It was on the same floor.
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    Paul B's thread

    Men hunt, woman gather.
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    Paul B's thread

    It was a general comment. In general, most things do not get repaired. Throw away and buy another. Cobblers? TV repair? Fuel for lighters, vaccum cleaner repair you just don't see them anymore and if you do they make me look like a kid.
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    How long have you been a member of BRS, and how long have you kept reef tanks?

    I remember Boston MACNA at the NE aquarium.
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    Paul B's thread

    If it is made in China it is disposable. When they try and introduce new lighting technology they always assume in their calculations they will "last forever" and save you money on electricity.
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    Alk issue

    When thinks don't look good, I do the 10% water change per day while I try and figure out how everything got out of wack. Usually it gets fixed before I am 100% sure what went wrong.
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    The fallacy of coral bleaching and recovery?

    It really depends on your definition of "bleaching" If you mean white coral because the live tissue died, or because the symbiotic algae was expelled and the reason the symbiotic algae was expelled.
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    FS Sps for sale

    Wonderful pieces. My tank is too new and too small.
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    The fallacy of coral bleaching and recovery?

    When I get new corals, on many occasions I will see it "spit up brown goo", then bleach. Once it takes up the zooanthelia strain from the tank, it recovers.
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    How high of a temp would you be willing to go before intervening?

    I use the same method. I shift my photoperiod so my halides are not on during the hottest part of the day
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    Think about getting out

    I wish I had sold off the expensive high mait coral, and moved to fowler/ easy corals/ mushroon Gorg tank instead of getting out of the hobby. Starting over is a drag
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    Paul B's thread

    The new jeeps are designed to get yuppies to work when there is 2 inches of snow on the road without actually getting out and turning the hubs. It is handy, but where will you get the electronic parts in 10 years.
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    Daily Poll: Feeding Your Tank Inhabitants

    Flake for tank raised clowns, phyto for coral, frozen shrimp from grocery store for corals and shrimp.Why is shrimp, fish, clams etc for humans cheaper than when you buy it as fish/coral food?
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    Weekly Poll: Hobby Involvement

    After the superbowl, until the start of football season
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    Self morphed montipora?

    I think we have all bought two corals and where told they were different, but when put next to each other in our tanks turned out to be the same coral, just different colors under different lighting after a month or so.
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    Daily Poll: Suggestions

    Style of reefkeeper. Apex control dosing on your cellphone on vacation or at work, tracking 0.1pH shifts as a 10 and Nothing is broken so I change the water every week or two and the tank is fine..

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