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  1. joe0813

    FS 75 and 33 tanks

    I have a 75gallon and 33 gallon tank. Both will come with stands. The stand for the 75 could use some sanding and new paint. 33 gallon stand is steel. Pick up in Halifax Can text/call. 339.832.8021 75 with stand- $100. 33 with stand- $75
  2. joe0813

    Sold 75 bow front reef ready

    I have a 75 reef ready with stand and egg crate lids for sale... I do have a 20 gallon tank that I used as a sump for an extra 20. I used it as a temp tank and don't need it anymore.... I do have it posted on facebook too. so if youre interested just send me a text and I can send pictures...
  3. joe0813

    Sold Brand new unused Aquatic life hybrid t5 fixture

    I have a brand new unused 61inch aquatic life hybrid fixture with the kessil and ecotech adaptor thingys. $350 pick up in Halifax or can meet at a reasonable location. 339.832.8021 is best
  4. joe0813

    Gone 20 pounds of DRY rock

    Looking for 20 pounds of completely dry rock. Closer to Halifax/south shore the better. Call or text 3398328021 Would also prefer to pick it up today or tonight if possible
  5. joe0813

    Sold Sold

    I have a 72 inch Spectra with 3 radium 20k and 2 blue plus and 2 purple t5. I love the light but having a canopy just isn't working so I'm thinking of going back to LEDs. I've used it for maybe 4 months. Comes with luxcore 400watt selectable ballasts and the hanging kit. Asking $1300 or 1500...
  6. joe0813

    WTB 120 or bigger needed

    Just had a bad case of ich outbreak in my 180 display tank. so now I need to catch all my fish or move all my live rock over to another tank so I can do hypo on the fish. but looks like it will be easier just to move all my rock and coral over to a some what same size tank instead of stressing...
  7. joe0813


    Selling my wives 24 gallon all in one tank. Had it up and running for about 5 months. She upgraded to a redsea with a sump, so we no longer need this. Comes with a better skimmer and the one that came with the tank. asking $200 located in Halifax...
  8. joe0813

    HELP with new redsea 170

    Bought a open box redsea reefer 170 tonight and it seems to be missing the return pump connector. I was just wondering if anyone has an extra one. we already started ripping the other tank down so now we are in a little bit of a jam.
  9. joe0813

    FS zeovit system

    Bought a 3.0l zeovit reactor, the zeo fluid and 4 bags of rock. Decided to go back with a fuge instead so i could buy a mandarin. System was used for about 4months maybe a little less. Just the reactor and all the fluids was over 450. Selling for $300. I also have some zeo additives for...
  10. joe0813

    FS red monti cap and green spongodes

    have a few frags of both red monti cap and some green spongodes. $10 each pick up in halifax
  11. joe0813

    WTB Neon green BTA

    looking for the most neon green BTA someone has around the south shore area.
  12. joe0813

    Giesemann Spectra questions

    had enough of ecosmart live... the program is garbage and im getting rid of my gen 2s. I was thinking of getting a giesemann spectra but i have no experience with MH. How much heat do halides usually add to a tank and how much could my electric bill go up?
  13. joe0813

    LFS around?

    Just wondering what LFS are still even around. I know of Underwater World (Taunton, Ma) Lovely pets (Quincy, Ma) and tropic isle (Framingham, Ma)
  14. joe0813

    WTB looking for some sps frags

    not looking to spend huge money on a 1/4 inch frag, lost a lot of frags when we lost power for 26 hours. seems like everyone on here is north shore... I live in Halifax so the closer to the south shore the better.
  15. joe0813

    WTB purple tang / melanarus wrasse

    like the title says looking for a purple tang and a melanarus wrasse. maybe even some other types of reef safe wrasse. closer to the south shore the better. I live in Halifax so north shore and western mass is a long drive . text me for faster response 339 832 8021
  16. joe0813

    FS Magnificent foxface

    Up for sale is my magnificent foxface. he is in a 180 gallon right now and we are choosing to go a different route. He eats everything and anything. text for pictures. 339 832 8021. Will let go for $75. pick up in Halifax
  17. joe0813

    WTB radion gen 3 and up

    Well my radion gen 3 just took a dump. looking for a gen 3 or 4 pro. not looking to spend a ton of money but im also not looking for a hand out. Im leaving for basic training in the near future and just cant spend the 800 for a new light. considering basic training pay is awful and...
  18. joe0813

    Hurricane Jose incoming

    Like the title says.... Looks like hurricane jose is on its way here. 90mph gusts from what I heard last on the news. hope everyone has a plan just incase the power goes out. I know down here in Halifax we lose power so we went out last night and bought a troy bilt 7000w generator
  19. joe0813

    FS Some equipment up for grabs

    upgraded some equipment when we moved to our new house. so selling some stuff that will just collect dust. We are located in Halifax mass but will be going to the frag swap in Taunton on the 24th. so heres what we have Trigger System sump Ruby 36 - $200.... new is 354.99 BRS Stage 5 plus...
  20. joe0813

    HELP... Lost with new apex

    I am a computer idiot. i know nothing about them except look at fish stuff and car parts. I will pay someone that has a apex to come to halifax and help me set this up. i tried googling a lot of it and just dont get it. I also need my 2 mp40 and 3 radions hooked into the apex. will pay you...

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