Water Changes, Yes or No?

I personally haven't done a water change in close to 18 months while running the Reef Moonshiners Method.
I was doing AWC. I switched out my old pump and bought a DOS to upgrade the AWC.

I was trying the reefmoonshiners method and I liked it. I just found the AWC much easier because it was set and forget. No manual dosing or testing. And the results are the same for me and the costs are about the same.

I think there are certain things I learned from the reefmoonshiner method about nitrates/phosphate levels and the need to actually have some nitrates in your system, that I will keep doing, just not doing the dosing of everything which is a bit of a pain..

And when you see dongs setup and all he does is water changes you realize simple and steady is the way to go.

I will never do another bucket brigade water change again.
If your dosing and continually checking levels feel like small weekly water changes won’t hurt , I was doing 5% weekly water changes and neglected to check my levels so I depleted all my nutrients and had a Dino outbreak (lesson learned) but after this I’m gonna start doing less and less frequently
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