4-7-15 -- Small school of fish swimming in!!


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These fishies just found their way into our tanks today :)

3 x Lyretail Anthias
1 x Lawnmower Blenny
1 x Tribal Blenny
2 x True Percula Clowns
2 x Golden Head Sleeper Gobies
1 x Bristletooth Two Spot Tang << Possibly on hold -- need to contact the person that asked me for it last week

2 x Ornate Leopard Wrasses
3 x Bipartitus Leopard Wrasse
1 x Potters Leopard Wrasse

1 x McCosker Wrasse (Male only :( ... was supposed to get a pair)
1 x X-mas Wrasse

+ a variety of inverts and corals :)


- Archit
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