40 breeder display and sump

I want to add a clam and acans, also sps but not sure what pieces to get and where to place them? Any ideas?
Keep any SPS you get higher up for good lighting and good flow, acans did better for me towards the bottom.
Personally I've never owned a clam but I know they need pretty intense lighting.

I have a colony of larry jackson acro and a small colony teal pavona available if you're interested, details are in my for sale thread.
If you haven't done sps before I would start with some montipora either caps or digi and some birdsnest. Clams like a maxima you could start on the sand bed and if it needs more light move it up the rocks. Derasa could probably live on the sand bed and be happy
If it starts to brown like coral would, its receiving too much light. If the clam looks like it's unhappy, maybe like it's reaching it might be getting too little. Someone with more clam experience could chime in and give more specifics. Personally i would start them at the lowest point of your tank, and see how they respond from there. That is how I acclimate all coral as well.


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I bought 2 reefbrite ultra slim duals last week and built a hanging setup for them. I'm running 2 ATI blue plus 2 coral plus. This light setup was excellent on my old 40 breeder setup about 7 years ago and its still great. I also picked up a few coral from Acro Garden. Dong is a great guy and has a genuine love for this hobby. ORA frog skin, strawberry shortcake, and a setosa


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I bought 2 separate fixtures rather than the 4 bulb because I'm going to pick up a reefkeeper lite basic, just to create a light cycle. Im my 40 breeder sump I'm running a kessil for my chaeto which is in the first chamber, the second chamber has my slim skimz123 and the third chamber is the return.

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