Ati t5 problem


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So I have a ati 8×80w t5 light
There are 2 plugs 1 controls 2 bulbs the other 6 bulbs
The 2 bulbs is the issue
They turn on and run fine no flickering or anything but after 2 to 4 hrs they go out and blow the breaker in house
What would cause this to happen the ballest
And how difficult are they to replace

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Andy V

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Have you tried plugging them in to a different circuit to see if it trips other breakers? Because if it doesn't trip other breakers, the problem isn't the light.


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Sounds unsafe to me. People (aquarists) have lost homes to such things. I would run the 6 and wait to repair the other two.


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It is unsafe they have been off the first time it happened I didnt know what it was but the second time I noticed those 2 bulbs went out and thats when the breaker popped

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