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Looking to purchase a new ATO for a 72 bow front with a 30 gallon sump. Looking for suggestions and experiences with different ones.


Chris A.

Formally toomanyfish
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Smart Aqua has been good to me for almost 2 years. It has a few failsafes and comes complete with a pump


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I've had my tunze since last Black Friday. It's a little loud but other than that so far so good.


Tim- 2019 BRS President
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I have a coralbox n50 for my 72 bowfront. It was like 50 bucks and a replacement pump is only 10. Optical with a float emergency switch.

There are newer ones (n100) and ReefBreeders new exo that are a bit more but similar to the one I have.

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One Eye

former vp of pr
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Gravity. It uses no electricity, is always ready and available, never sticks in the on position and it’s free!

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