Free Cheato

One Eye

former vp of pr
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I live less than 10 minutes from the airport if you want to stop by on Tuesday. I have Tuesdays off.

I don’t know how many lumens. I just picked up a cheato light a week ago so I don’t know how much difference it will make but before that I was just using a cheap Home Depot light.

One Eye

former vp of pr
BRS Member
That batch is gone. There will be more soon. But to be clear, this is free. I’m not going to meet anyone anywhere. If you would like some I will pm my address. Not trying to be an ass but it’s freakin free. For real guys do you honestly expect someone to go out of their way to give something for free? Maybe I’m just getting old or maybe it’s a generational thing but I was raised to understand that you do not try to take advantage of an act of kindness. If I have offended you with my comment.....well that’s probably good in the long run. Maybe someday you’ll wake up in the middle of the night and say to yourself...”oh sh**! That one eye guy was right, I’m being a dick!” Then life will get better, you’ll contact me and ask me to write a self help book.....that you’ll want a signed copy of for free of course!
Best post i’ve seen since i’ve been back. You sir, just made my night.

I’ll give you a nice shiny quarter to not give me any more cheato. And i’ll ship you the quarter because I don’t want anyone knowing where I keep all my whisky.

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