Clown being rough with bubbletip

I picked up a rose bubble tip and my lighting matron is rough so its stay closed and when its starts to open she go right into him and closes and the anemone is in back of my with no lighting is this normal for a clown to b this rough


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Yeah esp big Maroons. I have a lot of nems and I think I’m done with clowns. They kinda abuse em and in my experience don’t offer much back. My nems have always looked better without them.

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I've had my Moron clown, not autocorrect, for about 6 years. When I first got him I added a nem to the biocube. He spent a week abusing it. The nem split 3 times and died. Today he is in a 120 gallon tank and shows very little interest in nems. Only thing consistent with him is he will bite me at every opportunity.


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If you can get the nem in a fish trap it’ll be really easy to get the clowns.

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