Clown Death


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So the other night the male from a pair of clown fish died the other night. They were paired for 11 years. No foul play seems at fault.

Anyways, the female seems depressed obviously, and I haven't had to deal with this before, and curious what your thoughts are on whether or not I should let her be alone, or make an attempt to get her a male? I have 2 other clown fish in another tank, they have never paired, and had some thoughts about putting the male from that tank in with big mama.


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Well.... if they are not paired and she has eggs, she may accept a new one. On the other side you may see her rear up her firey eyes and kill the one you move over.

I would try it personally.... but I am no clown breeder so I would ask advice from someone who introduces clowns regularly.

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My female was a single lady for 10+ yrs, and bonded easily to a new tiny boy toy. She charged him once, then they've been fine ever since.

What species?

It's important that the new male is clearly smaller than the female. Obviously keep an eye on them during the intro.


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Just a normal Ocellaris. The other 2 Ocellaris are fairly small in comparison, and have been together in the other tank have been together for about 2 years now, and they dance all the time, but have never really bonded. They tend to stick with their own side of the tank, and hangout together randomly so I don't feel like there will be a loss in that situation, but again I'd hate to have to catch one of them in the bigger tank If things don't work out.

Contemplating introducing them in a spare qt tank, and see from there. Big mama will be easy to catch during feeding time, she likes to be hand fed. decisions decisions...


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I had a mated pair of clowns and the female jumped one day. Must have been a tough marriage...

I added a much smaller clown and after about two months of bullying they finally paired up...

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