FS Contents of 150g reef for sale

Mike A

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Recenty broke down a friends reef tank. All contents for sale. Have 150 rubbermaid stock tank full of:

Coralline encrusted live rock tanked for at least 15-20 years. Lots of life on it. No pests
Rock has several maxi-mini carpet anemones. Some pieces have encrusting gorgonian
Base rock
Rose anemone
Bonded pair clownfish
Black dwarf angel
lemonpeel angel
Dwarf pygmy angel
2Royal grammas
Blue tang
Few other fish

WANT TO SELL TOGETHER, Not parting out right now.

Take it all for $500

Mike A

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Coralline encrusted live rock $4 per lb. there are some large nice pieces


Also have some nice base rock. Tanked for years in mature reef, some sponge growth $2per lb

Mike A

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there are a few sea urchins available, $5 each

fish will be available after the rock is sold.

If you plan on a visit to hand pick, cash only please.

Mike A

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All of the rock with the maxi-mini carpet anemonies has been brought up to Love The Reef in Wilmington MA.

Only have a few pieces of base rock left, some has a nice gorgonian attached and one large piece of rock with an attached Rose BTA, hosting a pair of clowns. Would to rehome rock/BTA and clowns all together if possible

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