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Wondering if someone can shed some light on my copperband. I have had him for about a month and he eats very well. I have kept him in a 20 long while I get him fattened up before adding him to my DT. Been eating live white worms, live and frozen brine as well as live littleneck clams. He started swimming very erratically and almost jumping out of the water the other day. I noticed on his right pectoral fin there is a large black spot and his left fin looks a bit beat up all of the sudden. He seemed very healthy to me until now. Then again I am not a fish doctor!

I tried to get some pictures....

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That tank is much to small for that fish. Copperbands need swimming room and a lot of hiding places. I would put him in your DT right away.
He is probably going nuts. :eek:

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