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Ive been running this tank for over a year .
I purchased a new tank because of the way the right side pane of glass was installed . Its on a slight angle with the glass sticking out from the front pane starting in the middle and ending at the bottom a 1/16” .
The front corner where this is doesn’t have much silicone and has been chewed up . Its been like this since I got it .
stand is 2x4 construction wrapped in oak .
the tank has a glass coast to coast overflow with three 1” drain bilkheads and 2 - 3/4” returns .

Im upgrading tanks and need this gone . Tank is as/is and your responsibility if you take it . I recommend fixing that side of the tank .

I dont have a lot of storage at my condo so the day I do the tank swap I would like this picked up .

Im waiting on the new tank to come either Friday or Monday and will be doing the swap either Saturday or the following Saturday the 8th .



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