ID anyone?


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Looks like vermetid snails. They multiply like crazy, but mine have mysteriously started disappearing once I stopped worrying about them...

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Yep vermatid snails. They leave a snot trail behind them that is kinda unsightly but other than that they are harmless. Just not pretty to look at.


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Ive had these for 10 years or so... Nothing I have ever put in the tank will touch them. I use a 3 watt laser to zap them, kills them in seconds.
I have them on my blue maxima. Can you send the link of the laser you use and how you do it


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During my research before buying, I learned that the blue lasers are better for burning underwater. Also make sure you buy extra rechargeable batteries because the ones that come with it are junk.

You can also go for the higher wattage lasers but I didnt want to spend that much money for the 5 watt. The 3 watt does just fine for what Im using it for.

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