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Does anyone use the inexpensive eBay Black Box LED's? I know they're not Radions or anything like that but I was watching a couple videos of some very well established tanks that are using these with success and figured for the small investment, it would be a viable option at the moment. Thoughts?


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I have used used black boxes, one didn’t run good par. 180 at a depth of 12-14” below the light (8-10 inches below water). They were old (4-5 years old). So that was an issue.

My next set of black boxes are running better. Not dialed up all the way and I have 350 par where I want.

I ran a 8 bulb t5 at my school tank and loved it! Color was fantastic colors were thriving and some actually bleached because of the power!

I would recommend used t5 over black boxes.

I like the controllability of the black boxes but am leaning towards a used t5 or ReefBreeders for my next light.

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I just put 2 photon v2+ over my 265...looks like it will be plenty of light for about 1/2 the cost of AI....and about twice the cost of black boxes....just as a reference....depends on definition of "inexpensive "...
I have 2 16" SB Reef LEDs - which I believe are the cheap black box LEDs with upgrades that they make. They worked great for me! Owned for over two years but selling soon as I'm upgrading tanks and switching to Reef Breeders 50".
i am planning on Ocean Revives when i upgrade to my 40 gallon, side by side with a black box the color is much better, and the spread is better as u can see in the video i will link


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