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I ended up getting an Acan Lighting A101. I was uncomfortable with buying the Maxspect fixture from Hong Kong without a US distributor. James and Ken at Acan Light have been great. I had a minor problem with the controller locking up and the fixture turning off a few times over a month. They're going to send me a whole new fixture with a upgraded controller that you can adjust the intensity of the blues and whites independently. Get this, with free shipping and call tag in box to send the current fixture back. I'm very happy with the fixture and the service. They stand by their product 100%. I also have two Reef Brite 50/50 LED strips too. The color is awesome and it is bright! If was going to do it again I would have bought the A102 though which has more intensity and I would not have purchased the Reef Brite 50/50 strips. But I like the fact that I have differant light opinions incase of an issue and both fixtures are nice.
I'm thinking about having a few folks over for a LED and tank viewing on May 22rd in the afternoon. Come over see the tank, have a burger and beer and shoot the sh**. If anyone is interested let me know. I live in Merrimack, NH off exit 12.
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Good deal sounds like that company would be great to work with. Your a bit too far for me but be sure to post some pics thinking of taking the led plunge too!

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