Leopard Wrasse care


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Went to European Aquatics on Sunday to see what they have and walked away with 2 gorgeous juvenile leopard wrasses. Total impulse buy. I figured they would be like most other wrasses but am reading that they are harder to keep due to a restricted diet.

I'm curious to hear from people who have had success with these fish what worked for them.

Thanks in advance!


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I got one now going on 2-3 years no problem
he never complains about the food I have 2 other wrasses also with him

its just all in how they are collected or ill moset get infections and refuse to eat

it took me 10 plus wrasses before I got one that survived

mine eats frozen brine frozen myiss flake food alga all type of pellet food tiny

they trick as allways is to be sure he is eating before you buy him

and even then its 50/50 chance
if you don't your doomed from the start

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