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I would like to share my experience with the store that is quite different from many of the other reviews. I believe prices are reasonable. I was a frequent supporter and purchaser at the store for a few months. I was having trouble with my tank and Marty suggested I upgrade to a125. We agreed on pricing and timeframe. Unfortunately the install changed from January to mid January eventually weeks turned to months. And by April I still had not had the installation done. I knew being a small business Marty needed some cash so I paid $600 in advance for the tank And stand and a $150 for corals and fish. Then the final straw. He changed the agreed on price up 1000+ dollars. All the while I had been changing my work schedule to accommodate him. There were numerous days I would take off because he was coming to install the tank. Only later find out by noon time it wasn't ready. I lost thousands of dollars in potential overtime and lost productivity myself. So a couple of weeks ago I did what anybody else would do canceled and asked for a refund. I was still willing to be a customer because I felt that Marty is a good guy he just bit off more than he could chew. However the last straw was when he blamed me For leaving him in a bad spot. He took very little responsibility And it was his inability to meet his own deadlines and prices that cost him the job. I received a refund and a few item must to make up for what I had spent. But I will never again be a customer of European aquatics.

What really upset me is the owner still was upset with me because he ordered items I didn't accept. He needs to take responsibility for his inaction.

Butchy21 I believe I walked in as you were wrapping up. you could probably feel the tension however I wanted to be made whole.
I'm glad I wasn't around to hear that conversation.... sorry for your troubled experience!


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The only AquaDreams I can find on the map is the one in Feeding Hills, and that's still around. Are you sure there's a Stoughton one on there?


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I deleted it in my copy of the map, which I've made public. Unfortunately, I've lost the ability to update the original map which appears in the beginning of the thread. The map linked in post #68 should be correct now.

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