My Kind of a 40 Breeder Build Thread


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Saw my spine Dr. yesterday, he's confining me to at least bed rest and my home, geeeesh. I have a few things I'd like to update on this build, but like anything else in this hobby, it'll be done slowly, lol.


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Here's a couple of pics of the Synergy Reef Overflow:
Because this was originally bought for a 120 and is 20" long, it doesn't really fit to well on the short side of the 40 Breeder. I only realized this after I had already drilled the two 1 1/2" and 3/4" holes.
You can see in the 1st and 3rd picture where I modified the box to accommodate the returns. I may just plug these and have 3/4" pipe come up and over the side for flow.View attachment 124130View attachment 124130View attachment 124131
Looks awesome... Can't wait to see it all setup... I need a few pointers on my 130dt in regards to overflow ideas, plumbing etc for sure if you could spare some of your insight please.
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