New aquascape?


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Setting up a new to me red sea 260
36x22x 56 high.
Looking for opinions on rock. After everything starts growing out do you wish you added more rock or less rock to start with. I've never had a good eye or completly satisfied with what I have done in the past. I'd like to set and forget this tanks aqua scape.
I never set rock together with acrylic rod, as I like the flexibility of taking the rock out or rearranging if I want. But ultimately that just leads to a bigger mess.
What's others opinions?


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Im setting up another aquarium now as well. I like being able to take rocks out as well if needed so I dont putty anything either. I usually just use google images for reef aquariums the same size as mine and find one that I love and try to mimic the rock work closely using a hammer and chisel
I also have free standing rock work, allows me to move or trade rocks with coral on em easily. I like minimal scapes so I got room for stuff to fill out.

I like having the rock off the back wall, makes for better flow & easy cleaning.

I think of photography when dealing with aquascape, your tank is the photo frame and the corals and aquascape is the photo. Certain concepts at play with what looks pleasing in photos and that transfers to aquascape, like rule of thirds or balanced positive/negative space.

This post/writeup does a great job explaining it, somewhat in depth read but it’s good.

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Pukani rock is easy to work with but kind of a pain to keep clean. Reef saver is on the easier side to stack too. I usually just stack it raw. On places that are a little sketchy I’ll put a small piece of epoxy for support. Keeps it together but still easy to break the bond. I’d say what ever rock you choose play around with it and see what structures you come up with. It’s a great part of the hobby.

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