FS New Corals this week!!!


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Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to give you a heads up, that we are getting in a very special super sweet Coral order later this week. Every piece hand picked for you by me personally.
I will post a bunch of the supplier's pics, but will update once they arrive and settle in. If you see something you want PM or text me ASAP as after I post here, I will be posting on FB and texting clients. The cherries can get scooped up fast.

If colonies don't sell within the week, I will be adding them to the farm and frags will eventually be available or can be made upon request.

Enjoy the eye candy.

And many of the pics are very bland, but the Corals are far from that. Personally I love that this supplier does that on purpose as opposed to the ever so common "over saturated" pics that are the norm.

Absolutely love this supplier, they were able to get it shipped out early, and the order will be arriving tonight!!!
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