~~ New Stock! ++ LTR will be closed on Saturday -- July 4th ~~


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We will be closed on Saturday, July 4th.

In the meanwhile, got a few fish in today that a lot of you have been looking for but were somewhat hard to find (especially at reasonable prices)!

------- List of all fish is rather long, so I'll just post the ones that have been on the 'most wanted' list ---------
- 2 x True Christmas Wrasse (Hawaii) -- these are the same type that we have in our 125g that everyone is in love with! :)
- 1 x Naoko Wrasse
- 3 x Neon Gobys (good sized; so you can actually see these ones!)
- 3 x Royal Grammas

------- Expecting another small shipment of some hawties later on this week --------
- 5 x Bipartitus Leopard Wrasse (possibly)
- 1 x Sm Achilles Tang
- 2 x Mystery Wrasse
- 2 x Radiant Wrasse
- 3 x Lyretail Anthias - Female (Maldives)
- 1 x Lyretail Anthais - Male (Maldives) (these are the ones with super bright red coloration :) )

Annndddd, received a WONDERFUL coral shipment; a few items already sold, but a few that really pop out:
- 2 x Rainbow Symphyllia
- 1 x Rainbow lobo
- Super Duper Wuper ultra Blasto Wellsi :D This one is a keeper as I have been told.

It's always a good time to swing by at LTR! :)

- Archit

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