Hi all! Happy Saturday!!

So... I’ve had a few tanks over the years and I’ve been “dry” for 4 longgggg years. I still live in an apartment (not allowed to have aquariums) and finally decided to just do it. But- you know, small, easily portable...

I waited four years!! Well about 2 months ago, I decided to do it. I agonized over what tank. Where to put it (tons of natural light in my place.. who complains about that? lol) Finally I decided to use my old top off reservoir from my long sold 180. It’s a 10 gallon half moon. I thought it would be an interesting challenge and unique. Anyway, I bought small footprint light. Because.. halfmoon. I pulled out some unique pieces of dry rock (yes... I lugged my pukani and Tonga from 8 states away. The movers loved moving those totes.. what’s in here?! Rocks?? Son: why, yes. They are boxes of rocks. Movers: )

Anyway. Added some water, some sand, a piece of raw tuna, a heater and a pump and and let it marinate. Finally decided to test it after FFM (so painful to not be able to but any goodies!) and observed a cycle.

This weekend... considered buying 20 gallon Nuvo from great guy on forum selling.. but would have to figure out stand. Went to consignment store and found a great chest at the consignment store that would make a fantastic stand for the half moon (weird footprint you know!!)

Guy sold tank (happy for him, driving to Boston is a pain, and 20 gal is more than I wanted volume wise.) So went back and bought chest at store. Removed 3/4 of water from 10 gal half moon in basement that has been running for 2 freaking months. Son carried up to second floor apt. Sets it where I want it. I begin the process of heater in fresh saltwater so there is enough water to cover heater and rock while tank sitting on counter (chest is being delivered tomorrow.)

And- then.I.see.it!!!!!!! A freaking little bead of water squeezed out of the seal in the bottom back corner!!!!!

So here I sit, sad, mad and very annoyed. I wanted to use this tank. So bad. Sentimental reasons. Challenge. Unique. I bought a specific piece of furniture to show it off. And. Now a leak. I swear for the two months it was in the basement, it didn’t leak! Believe me.. I packed paper around it so I could see if there was a leak.

I’m glad it’s a small leak, a bead every 10 minutes or so, so I have time to figure it out. I don’t think I want to reseal it. I’m not really good at such things. Plus, it sat dry for about 5 years, we all know it’s only a matter of time til another leak.

Thank y’all for reading! My son is like, just get another tank. And of course I will. But, damn.

That said. If anyone has a small footprint unique tank (with good seals! ) please let me know. I’d like to get this over with. Otherwise I’ll order something.



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That stinks, I know all too well putting in the time and effort of finding something unique and special. Then not being able to use it. I'm sure the next one you get will be equally amazing as this one was. Good luck. :)

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