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So I bought a Goby and pistol shrimp in Hope's they would pair up. Spent a bunch of time acclimating them and making sure everything was good. 3 days later the goby died. Was great the night before but the next morning I found him dead. I also found a ph cardinal dead but he had looked weird the night before. Will the pistol shrimp survive without a goby or should I get another?

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They will survive without a goby... I had a pair that lasted for well over a year I believe and I haven't seen the goby in months but I still see (and hear) the pistol shrimp... Eventually I would like to get another goby for it...


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I had yellow-watchman Goby with paired pistol tiger for about 4+ years and then goby (which was huge) died.
I still have pistol about 1.5 years later and am going to get new goby soon.
It was a very cool symbiotic relationship to watch.
My pistol and goby never paired. Apparently the blue and yellow pistol does not pair. I wish I would have known that, but it's pretty awesome looking. Anyway, when I use my very long pipette to feed some corals at night he peeks his head out. I'll feed him and he grabs food from the pipette. I imagine it also finds things on the sand at night too.
My sons tiger pistol shrimp and yellow watchman goby have been paired since I bought them. I seen them at petco together and had to have them when I witnessed how they were together. Without a doubt the coolest thing to watch in my sons tank.

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