Powerhead in Refugium?


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Does anyone use a powerhead in their fuge? I have 10-15x flow through my sump, however if you just looked at the fuge you wouldn't know it. It looks basically still. I have caulerpa that is growing at a decent rate, but I also have been using a maxijet pump that runs when my fuge light is on for about 10 hours at night.

My question is, does the flow help the growth of the macro algae?


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From my point of view it only helps because your making more flow, allowing more nutrients and co2 to get to the plant life. Of course there'll be a bottleneck as for how much more flow you'll be able to add. The only reason I don't is because I'm too lazy to check my sump every day to see if the pump sucked up some algae and got clogged


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I think the idea is to have a lower turnover in the sump so the protein skimmer has time to work (4-6x is what is suggest, although mine is admittedly higher). adding a powerhead for the fuge would definately help esp. when dealing with low turnover rates.

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