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I have 3 fish in qt for about 40 days so far. Everything was going great until my hippo tang got a white spot on his head at around day 20. They have already been through prazipro for 7 days. So I added cupermine which killed my yellow tang. They have been through another round of prazipro and Paraguard. White spot still on hippos head. My flame angel looks like he is starting to become stressed being in qt now.
So my question is this, should I put them in DT since the white spot does not seem to be going away? It does not look like ick.


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Also are you sure that white spot is a parasite? If it's one spot and it doesn't go away after a short time it may be something else.


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My blenny has had a white spot on it for months now was worried at firs but it didn't spread and no other fish got it.
I’ll try to get a picture tonight. That spot has survived cupermine, paraguard and prazipro. Not sure what else it could be.

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What fish do you have in the qt now?
If you only have 1 or 2 left, sometimes its worth just to give it away to te store so that they can qt them in their system.
So here is the the spot I was referring to. It’s not a great picture. The spot has maybe got a little smaller. No signs of distress. Leave him in QT or take him out?

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