Reef-breeders Photon V2 /T5HO hybrid conversion


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Figured I would post this here too. I posted this on my build thread too.

So I completed my DIY T5HO installation on my reefbreeders Photon V2. I am really happy with this as I do not need to hang the T5 from the ceiling like the aquatic life fixture hybrid. They can mount directly to the fixture which sits on my canopy. The Sunblaster fixtures weigh almost nothing and the 2 sets of aquatic life 18” brackets from BRS were $13 a set. I paid $95 for the (2) 48” sunblaster T5HO with reflective lens included and $8 for the cable to tie the (2) together. I purchased a set of longer channel bolts and nuts directly from reef breeders $5. So all in with ATI coral blue plus lamp and special blue lamp I did this for under $200

T5HO only over my 48 x 24 x 24 120 gallon.

T5HO and photon V2 with my above program over my 48 x 24 x 24 120 gallon.

Top looking down view

Below are the parts I purchased

and 2 sets of these

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Corey- 2019 BRS BOD
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Very nice!!!
how do you secure the brackets on the led?
Logan has a replacement slot bolt and nut kit which is longer than the one provided for hanging kit. and I drilled out the slot on the bracket slot to fit the bolt size which is around 1/4” drill bit. Then I just install the nut. I colored all the hardware black with a sharpie so the nut did not stand out like a sore thumb to secure the strip fixture I used a small self tapping screw to install the provided fixture mounting brackets on the brackets and drilled right into the aluminum bracket as these screws drill easily into the aluminum brackets. then I just cut off any extra length protruding through and colored it black. I can post a pic of the self tapping screw used a close up when I get home.

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That looks so great and looks like a factory job.
I seriously think it looks much better than the Aquaticlife t5 retro.
The angle of the t5 is perfect.

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