Reefbreeders Photon V2 or 250 watt metal halides?

I picked up some 20K reeflux bulbs today new for $10.00 each. I am going to give this a try for a while as I slowly save up up for some reefbreeder photons to supplement the halides.

Chris A.

Formally toomanyfish
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They’re pretty strong lights specially the blues and whites. They use 5watt cree LED’s on those channels.
@dz6t can probably give you a better idea than me
I just turned the power down red and green at 10 blues 80 and white 45 some of sps are losing color and tips on losing tissue I tested dkh was 9 and nitrate between 5 and 8


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I got the photon 16" on my biocube 29. settings are 45% blues 10% R/G 15% white. PAR is 360 top of the rocks and 140 sandbed. Reefbreeders are strong

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