Rejuvenating diamond hole saws

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Just drilled my first few holes in a few tanks recently and noticed that the bits seem to dull fairly quickly even when kept wet. Well, according to this guy, the diamonds on the bit get "glazed over" and can be rejuvenated by following the procedure in his video below. I can't vouch for it but thought folks might find it interesting.



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This makes sense, I spent several days sanding clear coat and paint off door trims and cabinets last month to prep for new paint, and the sand paper would also get "glazed over" pretty quickly and becoming ineffective, especially if I applied force. instead of keeping on switching to new sand paper, I'd just clean them off by simply rubbing them on my pants, and they'd be as good as new. I see this as a similar concept. but I don't think they'll last forever as the jagged metal particles on the blade will eventually fall off or get worn down and lose their sharp edges. Thanks for sharing!
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