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Discussion in 'Photography' started by iplayhockey1919, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. iplayhockey1919

    iplayhockey1919 Non-member

    My 90 gallon brain.
    20170810_165733.jpg 20170810_165738.jpg 20170810_192106.jpg 20170810_192114.jpg 20170810_192126 (1).jpg
  2. Chris A.

    Chris A. Formally toomanyfish BRS Member

    That's a big brain you got there :D
    Very nice
  3. aresangel

    aresangel Well-Known Member BRS Member

    That brain takes up 90 gallons?!? Mine is only like 3 inches long!! Nice colors! Mine is orange. I like the green streaking.

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  4. iplayhockey1919

    iplayhockey1919 Non-member

    I wish he took up 90 gallon. He is about 8" when he is the happiest and the space I have for him is 10" across and 5" deep. I am thinking I need a bigger space for him. I found that if I lower the water temp to 77/78, he got bigger.

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