Supra c ?


I’m hoping for some advice, I was just offered a stinging deal on a vertex I Supra c sump I was planning on modifying a 40. Reefer to a triton style with a roller fleece but I have a vertex calcium reactor and the whole setup would look and fit great under my coming 3,square drop off. Do I have to go zeovit with the Supra c? there doesn’t look to be much nuetrient controls otherwise


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Refugium, algae scrubber, zeovit reactor, etc ect
You honestly don't need any of the above mentioned things to maintain a thriving reef tank I only have a skimmer and run a little carbon in a bag.


Thanks. I really like having a large refugium. But I the truth is bristle worms give me the heeba da jeebads. you’ve helped me makeup my mind on the Supra (even though I can’t afford it) now I have to figure out how to fit a roller fleece.

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