FS Tank raised Elegance coral - pickup in Wakefield

Greg Hiller

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$200 - firm for now, but I will personally guarantee the health of this for many weeks after you purchase.

PM any interest and please include your cell number or I will not respond. If you are interested, please make it clear in your PM as I will take the first person that is serious about the coral, not the first person that PM's me...oh..."does it like LED's?"

Originally from BRS member Boston Bakedbean in 2009. I've fragged a few times since, he fragged it a few times before I received. This piece has been in my tank at work, untouched for the last several years.

Photo from a week or two ago:

Exact size, I'm not sure. A size measurement is generally best given from the skeletal base, but I've not disturbed the colony in a very long time. I'd say the base is a minimum of 4-6 inches long. Since this coral expands a lot and can easily KILL any coral it touches (some people used to say you could kill Aiptasia with it!) you will probably need a rectangular area of about 10x12 inches, and more if you want space for it to grow.

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