FS Tons Of Nice Equipment. Orphek, Radion, Hydra, ATI, GEO, exc


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List Of Equipment Available. All equipment is 2 years old or less, some of it being almost new or new.

We Also Stock Full Neptune Line, Rods Frozen Food, Most Brightwell Products/ Salt & Misc. Other Reefing Supplys.

3 Pairs of Gyre Xf280 $350 a pair. Each pair comes with extra impeller and cages plus the impellers and cages on them, also comes with controller and power supply. these are like new condition

2 Pairs of Gyre XF250 $200 a pair, these also come with 2 sets of impellers and cages as well as power supply and controller.

MP40 $265ea. Or $320ea with extra new wetside.

Orphek 60" uv $300

ATI 36" 8 bulb T5 with 36" blue led bar on it in perfect condition $250

2x ATI 36" 8 bulb / LED hybrid Powermoduel lights $800 ea almost half off new cost and in great shape. 1 SOLD

3x Neptune PM1 Like New $70ea

Neptune VDM $65

1 Neptune EB8 Power bars, these look brand new not a spot of rust on them $120ea

Stnner Peristaltic pump 85mp new was $500+ selling for $200 (was used to talk with apex and feed ato)

Royal Exclusive Remote Refugium Tank $350

Geo Media Reactor like new $120

4x Avast Peristaltic Pumps $50 Each

2x Carbon Doser Regulators $250ea

3x Full size Tunze Ato 1 is like new $160 other 2 are older $100ea on those 2

Tunze Barrel Tender Kit for rodi bucket $40 (missing solenoid , can be purchased on BRS)

New Zen Reef Racks & Shroom Boxes
(magnetic unless it states otherwise, holds up to 3/4" glass)
4x Long mushroom box $65ea
2x Standard Mushroom Box $65ea
1x 60 Hole Rack $85ea
2x 45 Hole Rack $75ea
3x 30 Hole Rack $65ea
1x 28 Hole Rack $65ea

2x 6 Hole Nano Rack $45ea
1x 10 Hole Nano Rack $45ea
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Yes i will be there i wont be bringing all this equipment . I have made 2 presales already tho so ill bring what people want.
November 12, 2022
Topsfield Fairgrounds