Which light for Nuvo 40


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Setting up a Nuvo 40 and trying to decide which lights to go with
1 AI Hydra 26 HD
2 AI Prime HDs
Those are the only lights I’m looking at. The tank will be a transfer from a smaller nano that I already have an AI Prime over. I can either buy a second AI Prime or buy an Hydra 26. Tank will be some lps mostly Zoas and shrooms.


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I wouldn’t be afraid to put two primes over it to help reduce shadowing, and especially since your prime targets are gonna be lps Zoas and shrooms. It’ll give you a little more even distribution. Honestly don’t think you would have any issues with sps if kept in the upper part of the tank too.

I have a single hydra 26 over my tank (24x20) and deal with some shadowing on my sticks but is plenty of light for sps.

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