Who's Running on Septic Tank


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I have a 265...up to 60 gallpn water changes into septic. I have had 40, 72 and 93 gallon tanks all running at the same time and never had an issue with septic in 15 yrs. Maybe I have been lucky. I had my septic pumped last year for the first time in 10 yrs. The guy was impressed...But I imagine a lot depends on the other stuff you are putting in. A 40 or 60 gallon WC is followed by ro/di flush at least 2 fold because I am remaking water right after WC....and the normal household use would dilute several fold. I have a 3 bed ISDS almost 35 years old. If you can do it another way I would say do so but I stopped losing sleep over it


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I never dump mine in the septic tank, always in the street or woods. Because I don't want to take a chance failing inspection and costing $30,000. My neighbor just did this summer that took nearly a month to fix. I'm not sure why it failed but seeing that mess I don't want to take that chance. Good luck with your decision.


Hasn't damaged sump pump yet however I do pour a few gallons of fresh water in after the change out water as a precaution!!


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I'm on septic however I also have a sump pump in the basement so 20 gallons gets dumped into sump and that gets pumped outside to wooded area adjacent to house. 20 gallons every 2 weeks!!
I do the same, my water goes into my basement sump. But dumping water down the septic the water just goes into the leaching field.


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Saltwater in areas with weeds or areas I don't want weeds. I was bucketing out the rejection water to the outside, but right now I figure If your doing rid-x monthly, and only dumping rejection water down the drain you should be fine. Being pumped out every 2 years to be preventive is probably worth not lugging buckets out all the time.

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