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I just purchased a cleanup crew from www.reefcleaners.org, based out of Florida. They shipped a crew overnight, in a box with no insulation, and one small heat pack. Snails and hermit crabs were in a single bag with a wet paper towel, the two emerald crabs were each in their own single bags, with a very small amount of water.
The snails are extremely small (see the attached pictures), but worse, the emerald crabs arrived dead. I contacted them, and they refunded the cost of the emerald crabs. However, I only purchased the cleanup crew to get the emerald crabs, as otherwise it was very cost prohibitive for just the other critters I ordered. I could have them send more emerald crabs, but I have to pay overnight shipping again, and they would be sent in the same packaging again.
In conclusion, I would not recommend them, and will be buying local instead.

Sorry again about the dead emerald crab. We sent a refund for him, it should post to your side within 3 business days. Unfortunately we do not refund free shipping, or the entire order as you suggested when there is one loss. Zig zag perwinkles are very small animals. If you did not notice that in the item description we can refund them as well. Shipping can be partially refunded in the case of a loss, but here no shipping costs were paid so that is why we can't refund it. Our cost to ship to you was $38, more than 50% of the order cost. If we reshipped, shipping costs would be larger than the cost of the order, that is why we do not do that. Instead we refund only losses that occurred, and you should receive that refund for the crab soon. You can always get different policies applied to your order than the ones we have outlined on the website, you just need to let us know what policies you would prefer and we would charge an extra fee to cover the risk in that case. For example, for this order we would probably ask that you cover actual shipping costs on the initial order.
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Reef55 I had the same experience a few months back. Over the course of a week everything was dead. But when I order from other online vendors I have great success. Live and learn I guess

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I had them send me a cuc in winter with a heat pack. I didn't even order a cuc, but nonetheless it all survived. No problems here
If anyone has had losses please let us know and we will refund them. It is very unusual to lose an entire crew. Our reported losses are always under 3%.

Did they arrive dead or die later on?


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yea same bad experience. Got the same size stuff. Couldn't even tell if they were snails or crabs. 100% dead.
NOT a good way to start off my tank. Now my ammonia sky rocketed again. Got to start cycle again


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I've ordered maybe a half dozen times over the past 7 years from here and never had an issue. Sucks you guys had bad experiences. This is would be my only go to for a CUC.
The wet paper towels, wet floss or minimal water are common shipping practices for most snails as they can survive quite a while like that. It helps with the weight and shipping charges as well


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I made an order back in march I believe, no issues to report. Was home to receive my package and the heat pack was still warm. Seems this company will work with people though if there is an issue
I have ordered several times, and I need a refresh soon. One time I had a problem when a nassarius snail died and nuked the bag. He promptly refunded the money for that portion.
I ordered twice and had fantastic results. Yes, some of those snails are pretty small, but I thought that was clear from the description. I will order from them again.

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I've ordered twice as well. The little dwarf ceriths have some small guys in the bag, and the zebra periwinkles are tiny - not unexpected given the size of the species. I got a few accidental sneaky hermits in my snails the first time. Have had good communication prior to shipping both times.

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I make orders from this vendor a couple times a year. I have found his emeralds to eat bubble algae over the years (sadly I can't get rid of it in my various tanks).

Of course, over the years there has been an occasional DOA, but each shrimp/crab shipment has arrived alive.

Good vendor! In fact, I need a re-stock and could use a coupon!! @reefcleaners

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