1. TheCoralFarm

    FS End of Year Sale + STOCKLIST EXPANDED!

  2. BiGGiePauls33

    Ann. BRS Presents Coral Symposium

    Hey Reefers, Here's information to our upcoming Boston Reefers Society's Coral Symposium Location is Taunton VFW 82 Ingell Street, Taunton, MA 02780 Doors open at Noon and show ends at 4PM This is being sponsored by @OSA and will have many vendors for all of your coral and fish needs, wants...
  3. Reefman603

    FS Red Sea Max 60g AIO

    Leaving hobby for a while due to work schedule and other interests. Take everything listed below $450 - Red Sea max 60 gallon AIO system - Eshops S-120 protein skimmer - BRS 4 stage reverse osmosis system 75 GPD - Larger size pump - Also have a bunch of miscellaneous items to go with it such as...
  4. N_E_M_O

    FS WYSIWYG Corals 4-28-21

    Hello Everyone, I just wanted to post a bunch of Corals that are settled in, and frags that are healed up and ready to GrOw. If interested in anything, please let me know ASAP via text (978-231-3185) or PM. Pickup is in Tewksbury. I can also coordinate to meet in the Chestnut Hill Star...
  5. mrcote1

    Sold Tank breakdown sale

    Hi everyone, I am getting out of the hobby (might keep a small 5 gallon seahorse tank) but I am selling everything including all equipment and livestock from my 75 gallon reef setup. I would like to sell all livestock together in one big go as I do not want to deal with multiple arrangements as...
  6. Reefman603

    FS Take Everything!

    Need all these corals gone ASAP. I am moving. *** Selling all coral listed for $400*** PICKUP ONLY - CONCORD, NH AREA. - indo gold torch (4 heads) - Purple Hammer coral large colony (15-20 plus heads) - Gold Hammer single head - Colony of assorted zoanthids 100 plus polyps - Very Large...
  7. Reefman603

    FS Coral for sale

    Listed below is all my coral I have for sale. - indo gold torch $650 (4 heads) - Purple Hammer coral large colony (15-20 plus heads) $400 obo - Gold Hammer 80 obo - Colony of assorted zoanthids 100 plus polyps $120 - Very Large colony of teal/ blue green birds nest approximately 12 inches...
  8. Reefman603

    FS 210 Gallon Tank with overflows

    Selling my 210 gallon tank with overflows, bought it with plans to make it a reef tank but plans have changed due to moving, I can send some pictures upon request. LOCATED IN CONCORD NH AREA $600** OBO local pick up only or can deliver within reasonable distance. Thanks
  9. Reefman603


    Paid for full membership 2 days ago and still hasn’t been verified ? Selling all my coral and want to list it.
  10. jay00498

    FS Corals #2

    This is a separate tank at a different location so I am posting a second listing. All Corals must go! All prices are OBRO I’m willing to give a deal with getting multiple corals. Dragon soul torch SOLD Purpletip torch sold green tip torch sold Micronesian torch sold Green tipped frammer...
  11. Reefman603

    Growing and selling frags.. Is it worth it ?

    Been thinking about this for a while now and looking for opinions, suggestions, or tips/ tricks. Over the past year I've been off and on thinking about a future plan to setup and grow Soft corals, LPS and SPS to frag and sell and try to make a little side profit as a side business, worth it...
  12. jdemarco

    Full Colony Purple Stylo Check her Out!!

    LARGE HOME GROWN FULL SIZED PURPLE STYLO COLONY FS This is bigger than softball sized colony. Let's say its 1.5x softball sized. It has height too **To the buyer it will come fully encrusted, as is, on this 12inch nice arch rock thats its been growing on for yrs. There is a large bright...
  13. D

    FS Tank Breakdown Sale

    UPDATE on Breaking down my saltwater fish tank and selling everything. I Also have many pieces of Live rock *SOLD* 3 pound rock with Green Torch Coral - $60 *SOLD* 3 Pound rock with Large Green Hammer Coral (6 heads) - $80 *SOLD* 3 Pound Rock with Small Green Toadstool, 1 Blue Mushroom...
  14. D

    Gone Tank Breakdown Sale

    Breaking down my saltwater fish tank and selling everything. \
  15. Reefman603

    ATI T5 bulbs ?

    Anyone know where I can get ATI blue plus bulbs in the 39 watt size? Ive looked at multiple popular online stores and everywhere seems to be sold out ? Any ideas.. Thanks
  16. Reefman603

    Red Sea max 250 lighting

    So I’m thinking of removing the light canopy on my Red Sea max 250.. and replacing it with two AI prime 16HD’s to get the color spectrum/ fluorescence I’m looking for and I just in general prefer the look and adjustment capabilities with the leds vs T5, looking for opinions ? Thanks
  17. Reefman603

    Skimmer problems

    Hey everyone hope your all staying safe! So I have a RedSea max250 AIO reef tank and the skimmer won’t stop over skimming with lots of bubbles.. I’ve done about everything I can think of to try and fix it but it just wont stop over bubbling/ skimming ? Anyone have any ideas as to what is causing...
  18. Reefman603

    Frag tank lighting

    Looking for suggestions on lighting for a 50 gallon low boy frag tank ? I was looking at AI prime 16HD’s but open to other suggestions. I have a 4 bulb T5 fixture that I was thinking of combining with the LED’s..
  19. KJB

    FS Tank decoration/ calcified coral super cool pieces!

    For those who like to use the ghosts of corals past to decorate their tanks. I have an AWESOME assortment fs. These will act like live rock in your tank, will purple up, etc. Other than dusty they are clean. This sale is for ALL, not select pieces. Use what you want.. sell the rest. Wysiwyg...
  20. D

    Epic Elegance

    At least it’s epic to me. picked her up for $60 two years back and she’s quietly grown in my now defunct clown harem. Now sits as the centerpiece of a biocube. Behold, her majesty.
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