40b Peninsula Build

Been moving at a snail’s pace, but we are moving along. Hoping this foam rock wall works out. Still got to figure out the power head placement and make cut outs for those, but this is my rough draft.


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Got the baffles in the sump, got the drain plumbed, and got half the return plumbed. Ordered 2 TUNZE 6020 powerheads this morning, too. Getting closer to getting wet. Could very well have the foam wall done, and the return finished plumbed next weekend.


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Now we just wait for this to cure. Power heads will hopefully be here by the weekend. Then i will get the wall all trimmed up, the holes opened back up for the returns, and some ports for the power heads to blow thru before coating in epoxy and sand.


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The powerheads came in. Amazing how small they are, yet are capable of 660gph each! Now that they are here, I put them in place, aimed the flow, and cut windows in the wall. Tossed some of that west system resin on there and covered it in sand. Can’t wait till it’s dry to see how it looks in place. It definitely does NOT look 100% authentic, but I feel it looks substantially better than just plain foam. Hopefully after a few months of use, it blends right in.


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Looks like glueing sand worked great, once it covered in coralline you'll be golden. Nice job
Thanks. Was definitely nervous going into this, but have always wanted to try it. I’m glad i did. It looks pretty damn good. Better than I could have done with actual rock. Now i just got to make sure the rest of the aquascape looks equally as good.

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I think it looks awesome now... Better than a normal overflow and won't even be able to tell the difference in a few months when it's covered... Came out great...
All dry and in place. Absolutely love it. It doesn’t fit all the way back anymore, but you can barely tell. Remember, kids, compensate for the addition of the sand when designing your foam rock walls.‍♂️


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Swung by Creatures Plus in North Smithfield and grabbed some rock. Got to get more, but we are getting there. Gotta pick up some sand, too.


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Well, it’s running. LoL. Couple small leaks I had to quickly tend to, but it seems ok now. Powerheads are producing little to no flow, and getting to them to inspect is going to be a headache and a half. The instructions state they have a break-in period, so I may just wait it out and see if they come alive. The drain is rather noisy, but I heard they quiet down on their own with time. Other than that, I few loose ends to tie up, and it’s off to the races.


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I think the drain is going to be noisy just based on design. If you could I would replace the 90 degree elbow with a T and put a cap on it. Drill a hole through the side of the cap where it connects to the T and leave the cap un glued then you can spin the cap to adjust air flow. This is the quietest you will get with a single drain I think.
I have noticed the noise is primarily in the overflow box, and not so much in the drain tubing. I have secured a second mag5 to increase the flow thru the sump, and I will readdress the drain noise when i get the flow how I want it. I pulled the foam wall out and made the slots into gaping holes, in hopes to gain more flow from the powerheads. It appears they do not like to be smothered. It’s better, but still less than ideal. I will work on this a little further.

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