April 20th Meeting, Taunton and Tank Tour!


Tim- 2019 BRS President
BRS Member
We have a bit of a different/old style meeting this month! We will be meeting in Taunton MA at the VFW for drinks, water testing, and fragging. There will be two time slots to sign up for for the Tank tour. The tank being toured is Paul @reefkeeper2

Paul can accommodate about 10-15 people at a time. So we will caravan out to Paul's house in groups. What will you do if you are not at Paul's house? Bring coral to frag on our band saw, or with the help of experts like @jamesdong009. Bring a sample of your water. (about a cup or so) to be tested against our test kits. Trade some corals! Post them here if you have something you want to trade!

(P.S. Bring some Cash, Paul does sell from his tank/frag tank!)

:)Boston Reefers Meetings are open to all Paid, non-paid and prospective members:)

The April meeting of the Boston Reefers' Society will be: on April 20, 2019 from Noon - 4:00pm

The location is:
Taunton VFW
82 Ingell St
Taunton MA 02780

Paul's address will be given out at the Taunton VFW Location to ensure we do not flood his house with people.

Meeting schedule:

**All topics and times subject to change at any time**

12:00-1:00pm Socializing/Membership Registration/Greeting
12:45-2:00pm Tour Group 1
1:45 -3pm Tour group 2
3pm-4 Clean up.

This is a good meeting for new members to attend. You will learn a few basics and have a chance to intermingle with members in hands on environment taking off the pressure of having to say "Hello".

Here is some eye candy of the tour!!!!!

Lets trade some frags!


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I'm also going to try and frag this monster before the meeting. I originally got it from Jeremy at CRA. Multicolored blue/aqua/pink stylo. Not sure how to go about it because it's too big for my gryphon saw.


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I'll be bringing test kits that the club can have. Api Marine and Reef kits. No test tubes though. I'll order some eventually.


New Member
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Hi! I'm new to the club and would like to come to the meeting. How does the frag swapping work? Do people just bring random pieces to trade? What sorts of corals are popular?

I have a bunch of small green toadstools. Anyone interested?


Tim- 2019 BRS President
BRS Member
Welcome to the club. Yes posting them here and asking for tradesman the first step. Second step is bring one or two with you and keep offering .
OMG, I thought this was at my house today so I went out and bought a keg of beer, pretzels, lasagna, home made pies, Vodka and it was all to be served by 3 Supermodels. I just found out it isn't my house so I will have it all with the Supermodels so it doesn't go to waste. :p

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