WTT Banggai Cardinal and Blue-Green Chromis


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Healthy fish just downsized from a 54g to a 25g and these guys don’t fit stocking plans. They are currently in a 10g with the extra liverock. These fish are essentially free but I just put it under WTT as I wouldn’t deny a frag of most stony corals(cheap SPS, ugly duckling LPS?). Ultimate goal is the fish to find a well maintained long term home, if that’s you come take them! Bonus package of frozen brine shrimp if you take both!
Banggai Cardinal has been with me atleast 3 years and is 2” plus, never paired him successfully

Chromis has been in tank for ~6 months and is 1.5” probably. very active swimmer

Free package of food if you take both

pick up in Raymond NH

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